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DONT Tip Your Waitress

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Joined: 29 Jul 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:11 am    Post subject: DONT Tip Your Waitress Reply with quote

read this

i'm suggesting that you and everyone you know ask to have the complimentary 15% gratuity REMOVED from their bill. it's not mandatory and can absolutely be removed at any restaurant.

these lazy, rude, slow servers should have to work for their tips. if they don't please their guests in every way and show them incredible customer service, then they should NOT get a tip.

the next time you are ANYWHERE and you recieve anything less but impeccable customer should ask to speak to the manager. the next time the teenage cashier takes 10 minutes to get your check signed by the manager at the grocery store, SPEAK UP!

these ignorant workers obviously don't care about tourism. this bad attitude and shitty service comes from the small pubs on bay street to the high-end eateries at Atlantis. this is ruining tourism.

the video i posted the other day with the two Bahamian women going at eachother like wild zoo creatures in the middle of the straw market. like aren't they AT WORK? i dont care what happened or whatever business they had with eachother. they are SELLING things in there, which makes it a place of BUSINESS. they shouldn't have been squawking and screaming at eachother. they looked like a couple of junglist hoodrats...not necessarily the best image for a "tourist hot spot".

these workers need to learn how to provide good customer service and to treat all guests with the utmost respect. that is what we pay them for...right?

so let's put that D+ average to use here and teach these people how to act when they're at work.
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