October 01, 2003

The Bahamas Must Learn To Do It Better

Insisting that the Bahamas can do a better job, a letter to the Editor of the nation's leading daily, The Tribune, has blasted the Bahamas legal profession, once more, for shortcomings and corruption.

It is only the tip of the iceberg, the letter says, that German investor Harald Fuhrmann has had serious problems with the Bahamas' legal system since 1992. He became a victim of shortcomings in our legal profession and the corruption embedded in the political culture of the Bahamas.

His frustration has ended in an ongoing anti-Bahamas campaign which started in December, 2000. Mr. Fuhrmann claims that the Bahamas legal profession and the Bahamas government have turned deaf ears on his plight. Disgraced Attorney General Alfred Sears announced an investigation but nothing has been brought to the public's attention up to now.

Meanwhile, Harald Fuhrmann has created a world-wide network of 2,600 journalists and his public relations machinery spreads almost daily news of the Bahamas' "hostile atmosphere" and its government of victimisers promoting neputism and favouritism.

This negative publicity has a serious impact on our tourism industry and the financial services and investment sectors.

The situation cries out for a solution. Either Obie Wilchcombe sits down with Alfred Sears to solve the problem or Prime Minister Christie should enforce the legal code of ethics to ensure the right attitudes are shown to foreigners.

No matter how the PM ducks and dodges this important question regarding shortcomings in our legal profession and in high government offices, those burning questions will keep arising until they are answered satisfactorily.

Government must govern. Unfortunately, too many politicians think that favouritism in our country is normal behaviour.

If ministers and lawyers practise favouritism they can not be fully honest.

Harald Fuhrmann asks only for morality, justice and fair play. We should grant him this even if it hurts some of us. Mr. Fuhrmann's Websites hurt us all.

The government and lawyers might not want to be bothered with all this but the anti-Nassau website goNassau-Paradiseisland.net.tc is expected to raise another disturbing issue later this month and will, one asumes, be even more hard-hitting. It will not be to our credit.

It's time to act. Small hotel owners and others, like Sol Kerzner, have the right to have these issues resolved too. Or don't we want to do it better?

Posted by admin at October 1, 2003 09:38 AM