November 06, 2004

Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them Out

Forget the Catholics and their petty Pope. They've been defeated ala John Kerry. Religious fundamentalists in the United States have appointed a new world pope by re-electing George W. Bush. And they treat him like the infallible leader of their new American right.

Despite Mr. Bush having killed over 100,000 Iraqis, including thousands of innocent women and children, in his bid to control mid-East oil, the American people have given him a mandate to kill as many more as it takes to accomplish his greedy goal.

It was never about weapons of mass destruction. And it is no longer about freeing the Iraqis, whose freedoms have never been more trampled. It's all about "black gold" and the industrial/military contracts. And the crony business is booming... thank-you.

The phrase, "Kill them all and let God sort them out," is attributed to Dominic Guzman. He's the founder of the Dominican order of priests. He and an armed troop of heretic hunters had come across a town that was supposed to contain a number of heretics. Guzman gave orders to kill everyone in town. When one of his subordinates told him that there were probably a lot of good Christians mixed up with the heretics what Guzman actually said was, "Kill them all and God will know his own." The Dominicans were also responsible for the three degrees of torture -- the thumbscrews, the bastinado and the burning of the flesh under the armpits. That's how we got the term "The Third Degree."

This seems to be the new American way. To hell with the Geneva convention, forget about sparing civilians. America is going to "crush the enemy" no matter how many innocent people have to die, because that's the American way. But don't anyone tell them, that to many, they are the enemy.

The new American mentality is inhumane and unacceptable. And when terror rains down on America, at the hands of similarly maniacal fundamentalists of another ideology, few in the world will have the same sympathy for the US that followed 9/11.

Kill 'Em All and Let God Sort Them Out by Bob Wallace

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