Welcome To The Bahamas

When I first arrived in The Bahamas, many moons ago, I had to take a taxi to the hotel where I was going to initially stay.

I climbed into a cab being driven by an older gentleman.  The cab was clean and the man well groomed. His taxi license was properly displayed and he turned on the meter when we started moving (something I have since learned is almost never done).

All in all, I would say the man appeared to be an honest, credible, mellow fellow.

That is why it shocked me when, after a few minutes of conversation and my admission that it was my first time visiting The Bahamas, the taxi driver stopped, turned to me and said, “Never trust anybody in The Bahamas. They are all crooks.”

I laughed, a bit uncomfortably, then asked him, if that were true, how could I trust what he was saying.

He smiled and said, “You will see”.

My God, I have.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. In my many years living in The Bahamas, I have met some really great people, but they have been few and far between. One thing I have learned is that,  for the most part the driver was right, Bahamians are an untrustworthy bunch.

In fact, I know of nowhere on earth that has such a high concentration of “problem” people.

Now, I know that will offend many Bahamians.  Too damn bad because it’s true.

If it were not true, The Bahamas would not have one of the highest murder rates in the world. The tiny nation also records some of the highest rates anywhere for incest, armed robbery, rape, violence against women, marital infidelity and assault.  The Bahamas also has a pretty bad reputation for copyright violations and financial crimes.

All this in a “Christian” country with less than 200,000 adults.  Where do they find the time?

Now, I’m sure the Ministry of Tourism will refute my comments, or pay Kimberley and the hackers to attack my site, like they did to BahamasB2B.com. But they’d be better off putting their money into some programs that would promote real change in the attitudes of all those nasty Bahamians.

Remember, I am just the messenger. I’m merely telling it like it is. And tru-tru Bahamians know that I am right. The people of the Bahamas have written their own story… and it doesn’t have a happy ending.

Let The Games Begin

Okay, well it’s me again.

I re-started this blog because ever since I stopped blogging a few years ago, there has been no real biting commentary on the state of things in The Bahamas.

Sure, there have been dozens of websites that have sprung up since then, but many of them only pretend to be “news” sites, mostly by regurgitating BIS press releases and publishing mamby-pansy touristy garbage.

Of course, none of these sites come close to the traffic of BahamasB2B.com, whose main news page is still the most read page in The Bahamas.

The Tribune is now online, I see. But except for an occasional editorial from “Mother Superior” herself, the content is somewhat meek. I guess the exodus of John Marquis had more of an effect on the paper than anyone thought it would.  It’s good to see John back, writing a weekly column.  His presence at the Tribune was one of the reasons I stopped blogging. I figured he could take the heat instead of me.  And he certainly did.  lol

The Guardian is also doing a pretty good job with Erica Wells as Editor.

However, both papers rely heavily on advertising revenue, so for the most part they have to play real nice so they don’t lose money.

I don’t.

So you can expect the same kind of unvarnished truth and scathing editorials that once made this one of the biggest sites in the nation.

Even BahamasB2B has tamed down a bit, ever since rogue employees at the Ministry of Tourism (and certain political monkeys) started a campaign against the founders; paying script kiddies to attack the site, sending out slanderous and untruthful emails about the founder, “blacklisting” them and doing all sorts of unethical and illegal things to make them stop printing the truth about The Bahamas.

Well, now the truth is out, big time, and many, many people are saying the same things that BahamasB2B and I have been saying for years, albeit usually in a much tamer manner.

And as the country is rapidly falling apart, most Bahamians are more willing to take their heads out of the sand, listen to the truth and take action against the outright criminals and discreetly crooked white collar shills who have nearly destroyed the country. (Lots more about that later).

So hang to your hats, because I assure you this will be a wild ride. I am going to relate (in  completely truthful accounts) some of the many, many outrageous things that have happened to me during my tenure here in The Bahamas, including the names of the people and businesses who need to be named and shamed. And because everything I say is the honest-to-God truth (and cleverly documented) trying to sue me will only dig those chumps a deeper grave. I will also comment on current news and affairs and share with you my opinions on how we got to where we are and what we can do to get back to being the wonderful little paradise I originally thought I was in.

Oh, by the way, for the corrupt cretons who think they are going to intimidate, threaten and cajole me into silence… I’ve got a few real surprises for you too.  ha-ha